translation, short fiction

“Vinyl” is the final piece in I Never Talk About It (QC Fiction, 2017), a collection of short stories by Véronique Côté and Steve Gagnon, translated into English from the original French (Chaque automne j’ai envie de mourir). 37 translators of different backgrounds participated in the project, including Dimitri Nasrallah, Guillaume Morissette, Lori Saint-Martin, and Neil Smith. Each translator tackled a different story in the collection, ultimately demonstrating that there is more than one way to capture an author’s voice in translation. Each piece is followed by a short blurb written by the translator explaining their particular approach.

Véronique Côté is an actress, director, and author. She was a finalist for the Governor General’s award in 2013.

Steve Gagnon is an actor, director, and author. His play La montagne rouge (SANG) was a finalist for the Governor General’s award in 2011.

i never talk about it

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